As the saying goes, “One can never be ashamed of his or her blind mother and cannot stop calling her mum”. I have never felt ashamed of being called Southern Sudanese. I really love South Sudan because it is comprised of people who have the heart of humanity and love for their people.

As said by Dr. John when he was signing the Comprehensive Peace Agreement “Peace will be blessed upon us and there will be no crying of women and children and no bombs falling from the sky on innocent people.”

Kuneng Paul, Trainee Teacher supported through Gua Africa’s Teacher Training Programme

For me I can say that South Sudan is the land of my forefathers and I can say I am so happy to be one there. My fondest memory about the South is only the time I used to spend with my parents, siblings and my grandmother when I was very young boy. I do remember how my Mum use to milk for us our cows and how she also use to cook for us our traditional food called Dohdoh.

Matthew Dak Dhol, student supported thorugh Gua Africa’s Survivors of War Programme

My love for South Sudan is a natural love and it gives me an identity of who I am and where I came from. I hope I will show what I have for South Sudan when I finish my studies and am able to go back home and be a part of the south sudanese people to make a better place for future generations to come who will only study the civil wars of Sudan and not experience war again. This is a thrilling historical moment. I love it that am part of it and am living witness to it.

Kazuk Thak, Mechanical Engineering degree student, supported through Gua Africa’ Survivors of War Programme

South Sudan will be the land of freedom, forgiveness and hard work so that we will be a strong nation in Africa. I love South Sudan not by words, but inside my blood.
Tito Gatkoi Kach, works at the Medicines Sans Frontier clinic in Leer, South Sudan 

I would want to assure you that Southern Sudan, as a new Nation, is highly expected to be the most democratic Nation among the others and expected to champion the respect of human rights. Since we have gone through enough human suffering and humiliations we, as the young people of southern sudan, will fully respect the laws and individual rights of people.

We will also champion National integration since we have witnessed how hard it is for us if the laws and the rights of people are not respected. So there are high chances of us to show a good example to the world that we are capable to make good leaders!.

Gatmai, High School Student supported by Gua Africa

I love South Sudan because her birth makes me become proud and loyal first class citizen. At least for the first time in my life I can beat my chest and tirelessly work for the wellbeing of a beloved dignified nation”.

Raan Clement William, Gua Africa Sudan Director

9th July 2011, Independence Day for the Republic of South Sudan

9th July 2011, Independence Day for the Republic of South Sudan